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Programs for the Entire Family

Currently In Development

Residential Family Program  •  Day Program   •  After Care Program  •  Outreach Program 

The experienced staff at Touching Hearts Family Services have come together to achieve more through our initiatives than ever before. We are working on many exciting projects to help improve the lives of families in our community. We are very proud of the innovative programming and services that we offer. Within all of our housing and community programs, we will offer cultural and gender inclusive support and life-skills coaching for up to six family members per house. 

All of the services that we provide are kept up and maintained to the highest of standards and will be inspected regularly by the funding and accreditation agencies. The protection and safety of our staff, residents and neighbors are of the highest priority so the homes remain unrevealed to the public.

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Life-skills Day Program 

THFS Chilliwack Office

In Development

One Step at a Time

At Touching Hearts Family Services, we are dedicated to addressing and offering exceptional support and programming to the parent who is unable to participate in the residential program with their family members. This parent or guardian will have the opportunity to receive the same high level of services such as life skills training, coaching and case management.

Residential Program

Keeping the Families Safe

With this Fraser Valley supportive family housing initiative, we promote many opportunities for those referred to us by the funding agencies. It is through providing access to the right resources that family members have been given an opportunity to become empowered by their own choices and abilities as they gain the confidence to fulfill their true potential. 

Currently, we are providing safe, staffed supportive housing to children and youth at risk in Chilliwack, BC.

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After Care & Outreach Program - THFS Office

In Development

Reinforcing our Commitment

The after care and outreach program is a "wrap-around" service and extension to our residential and day programs. We offer this vital connection to to the family members after they have graduated from the residential or day programs. This service will provide the supports necessary to assist the individuals with implementing the various goals that they will have set during the in-house programs.

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